Martenitsa-Symbolism and magic of antiquity

The traditional colors of the martenitsa are white and red. The white thread is for a good start and light, and the red for strength and blood. When we think about it, we will see that the red is predominant in Bulgarian costumes and embroideries, red thread we wear against evil eyes. Red thread is put on the animals to be healthy and be the year fertile. In general, the combination of the white and red threads in the Martenitsa is magical. Martenitsa is gives as a symbol of health, love, luck and long life. When you give the Martenitsa clearly say the desires with a pure heart, because "words have power" and when they are spoken by the soul, they will "double" the power of the traditional Bulgarian amulet.

On the 1st of March Bulgaria becomes a big red-white martenitsa and even Google changes its colors in the red-white martenitsa.

To be healthy and loved! 🙂






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