Being white and red, not burning March sun

Being white and red, not burning March sun

That's what they wished for when they zakičvali traditional martenitsi. Izričali are wishes for health and long life, for fertility and abundance. Traditional martenitsas are made of twisted cotton or wool thread, and the main colours are white and red. White is a color, a symbol of purity and innocence, of joy and beauty. Red is a color of vitality, health and love fire. 

Martenitsi divination

In Martenitsas, the girls could figure out what the lad would be marrying. When they see the first swallow, stork or the first blooming tree, leave the amulet under a stone. They remove the stone and look beneath it when the sun spins again to autumn and winter, i.e. exactly after half a year. Polepnalite under the Martenitsa of the maiden ants show that her beloved will be poor, but very hardworking. If they find a worm, it's not a good omen, the boy won't take good care of her.

With Martenitsa connect the following beliefs and somewhere and say "Gadaluška":

  • The ants Polazili Martenitsa Veŝaât that the year will be rich in sheep. If they polazili bigger bugs–many cattle will be born
  • The wood-attached martenitsa ensures them to be ruddy and healthy throughout the year.
  • The evil that is thrown into the river Martenitsa will drain and everything will go like water.
  • The day of March will be guessing the year ahead.

Today the Martenitsa that we give in the beginning of March have the same meaning for health. Zakičvame them with the same words "being white and red." For their production are used additional beads, cloth, ornaments, etc., to give a contemporary look and charm.

See our Martenitsi with patterned woolen balls, wooden beads and acorn caps in our store.

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