Bulgarian embroideries in Ceramics

Some time ago I was in the Regional History Museum, Haskovo. Looking at with interest his halls, attracted me a showcase with porcelain jewellery with stylized Bulgarian embroideries.

The exhibits are from the beginning of the last century are the work of Prof. Stefan Dimitrov. I was so impressed that I started looking for information about the first Bulgarian professor of ceramics.

Showcase for Prof. Stefan Dimitrov-ROME Haskovo
Showcase for Prof. Stefan Dimitrov-ROME Haskovo

The first professor of ceramics in Bulgaria was born in 1871 in Haskovo. She graduated from a craft school in Knyazhevo and continued her education in Vienna. Since 1903, the is a lecturer in artistic ceramics and silicate chemistry. He is the creator of many paintings, vases, objects for home and majolica.

This little known but great Bulgarian has made a huge contribution to the development of ceramic art in our country. He successfully applied the European tendencies at this time to the Bulgarian needs and interprets techniques and forms in the spirit of the "native". Create in "Bulgarian style". And all this in the first decades of the last century!

In our time to put Bulgarian embroideries on household items is quite normal and customary. We see them everywhere – clothes, handbags, shoes, plates, mugs, etc., but it's nice to know how it started.

The Professor makes a special contribution to the then new technology of ceramics production and is the creator of the modern production of stoneware pipes.

His work is the majolica of the Uchisar Church "St. Nicholas", the Central Sofia Bath and the Synod of the palace.

Central Bath, Sofia
The Synodial Pavilion, Sofia

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