Martenitsi with Seeds

Martenitsi for small and large

Pretty soon our country will turn in white and red. On 1 March in Starodavna tradition, all Bulgarians will put martenitsa for health. On this day we welcome Baba Marta, symbolic spring and renewal.

According to the popular custom martenitsas are worn until they see a stork or a blooming ovoška. Then everyone takes his martenitsa and attaches it to a tree or shrub-a blossomed plum, apple, peach or rose bush, to be white, red, nice and healthy people.

In ancient times apart from the traditional white and red woolen threads, the Bulgarians were vplitalied money, cloves dry garlic, snail shells, sinci, etc., because the martenitsass were worn as an amulet for health and protection from evil forces.

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